HZSA Summer Sport 2016-2017 Online Entry

Welcome to Online Sign Up for Hillszone Summer Sport Competition 2016 - 2017. It starts in Term 4, Week 3 and finishes In Term 1, 2017. Before signing up, check the day and time of the competition so you are able to commit for the length of the competition. Your mobile phone number will be stored safely at www.smsbroadcast.com.au This will enable you to be contacted with updates, forfeit messages and other relevant information related to the college. Whilst your right to not supply your mobile phone number is understood, we request it for your benefit and effective communication. Ensure you spell your name correctly, using a capital letter for the start of your First Name and for your Surname.

Terms & Conditions of Entry

By signing up to Hillszone Sport you are committing to your selected team for the duration of the competition.

By entering into a team you are stating that your PARENT / GUARDIAN are aware of your intention to participate in the HZSA Competition and that you are committed to the team for competition games, lunchtime / after school training and meetings that are required.

You understand that you are responsible for looking after a competition jersey / singlet and are required to hand this to your coach at the conclusion of the final game your team competes in.

You understand that the the fee for playing HZSA Afternoon sport is $15.00 (uniform levy) and that this will be billed to your school fees.

I confirm that I have read and understood the above Terms and Conditions of Entry