HZSA / AICES / CIS Nomination Form SENIOR Online Entry

Welcome to sign up for Representative Nominations. Please remember for AICES and CIS nominations, you must be playing representative level sport outside of school to be eligible.

Terms & Conditions of Entry

By nominating for this representative level sport you are informing Mr Gordon that your parent / guardian are aware of the costs involved (CIS $21.60, AICES - Associated costs depending on the event) and that you are responsible for your own transport to and from the venue.

I give permission for my son/daughter to be nominated for a HZSA / AICES/ CIS / All Schools trial as indicated above. I am aware of the costs and potential levies regarding uniform, travel and accommodation and the need to arrange transportation to and from the venue. I am also aware of the dates & commitments should he/she be selected into the Association team/squad.

Parents are reminded that this event is organized and supervised by staff from a School / Sports Association outside the responsibility of Arndell College and whilst all due care is taken to ensure every child?s safety, in any sports event there is always a risk of injury to an individual. When giving permission for your child to participate in this Sports trial, Parents/Guardians are taking full responsibility for their child?s participation in and transport to and from this sporting event.

I confirm that I have read and understood the above Terms and Conditions of Entry